Discovering Intelligent Design with Tim Murnane

We will investigate the relationship between faith and science specifically examining the claims of Darwinian evolution. Since Darwinism claims evolution is random and unguided and the Church says this cannot be true, there is a huge conflict here. Macro-evolution is the foundational doctrine of atheism. Adam and original sin are the foundational doctrine of Christianity. Yet it is frequently denied in Catholic publications and in Catholic schools everywhere while Darwin’s unguided principle is accepted as true.

The Majority of Catholics accept evolution as the explanation for the origin of life whereas the American population does not. This parallels the decline in Catholic faith practice and therefore it is a significant problem. Catholics need to know the truth about the scientific evidence for design and evolution at this point in history. They can then make an informed decision on who and what to believe about the existence of God and His revelation.

Below is a list of episodes on "Discovering Intelligent Design" by Tim Murnane on Radio Maria. For comments and questions, or for downloads of the audio, Tim Murnane can be contacted at Also, Tim Murnane’s PowerPoint presentation on Intelligent Design for Catholics can be viewed here A summary of that presentation can be downloaded here.

August 29, 2013 - Darwin’s Doubt and the Plea for more time! – Dr. Stephen Meyer
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In this show, we will be discussing Dr. Meyer’s landmark new book called Darwin’s Doubt. We will start with the Cambrian explosion and its significance in the fossil record and then cover other topics from the book. As the disenchantment for neo-Darwinism spreads there are new theories being proposed and we will discuss some of them. We will discuss why DNA does not control by itself the generation of new body plans and why the new field of epigenetics poses perhaps the biggest challenge to Darwin to date. We will also discuss why intelligent design theory is the best explanation for the scientific evidence now available. Dr. Meyer is one of the founders of the intelligent design movement and continues to be one of its leading proponents.

August 22, 2013 - The Science of Adam and Eve – Dr. Ann Gauger
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In this show we will discuss scientific evidence in our DNA for only two original people from whom all could have descended. Previously we were told the original human population had to be between 10,000 and 100,000 individuals to produce the variants found in our DNA. We will also touch on Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosome Adam who scientists now say lived about 130,000 years ago but who did not know each other. We will discuss again why 6 million years is way too short for the evolution of man from a chimp-like common ancestor even if the Darwinian mechanism actually produced new forms of life and we will discuss a new resource for teaching intelligent design theory to high school students and much more.

August 15, 2013 - Human Origins, Theistic Evolution and the Fossil Record – Casey Luskin
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Today will discuss human origins and theistic evolution and the fossil record evidence for the former. Our guest will be Casey Luskin from the Discovery Institute. He is an accomplished writer on many intelligent design topics and he has contributed to many books and written hundreds of articles on the subject. We will discuss theistic evolution and discuss its consistency with scientific evidence and traditional Christian belief. Secondly, we will discuss some of the secrets of the fossil record, the evidence or lack thereof for ancestors of man among the apes, and the “big bang theory” of the appearance of man on the earth. We will discuss whether Lucy, the famous australopithecine, could be our ancestor and the fact that Neanderthal man has been found in our DNA.

August 8, 2013 - Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? – Why you should care! – Dr. C. John Collins
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In this episode we will discuss the harmony in the New and Old Testaments regarding Adam and Original Sin and their historical reality. Our guest, Dr. John Collins though not a catholic, is an expert on the Old Testament and a Hebrew scholar. He is the author of a book called Did Adam and Eve really Exist? He will describe the evidence in scripture for a literal historical belief about Adam and his sin admitted by even liberal scholars while denying themselves that these events are anything more than allegory. We will see that St. Paul had no doubt about their reality or even Christ himself. We will also discuss the developing cooperation between Catholics and Protestants for “historical critical deprogramming” which seems so necessary for restoring the authority of Scripture to its proper place among Catholics.

August 01, 2013 – Could Chimps and Humans have a common ancestor? – Dr. Ann Gauger
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Today we will continue our discussion about the evidence for design intelligence in nature. In previous weeks we have seen scientific evidence for the implausibility of Darwinian Evolution and we’ve discussed its unfortunate impact on faith and culture. Today will discuss whether it might be possible for the neo-Darwinian mechanism to change a chimp-like creature into a man.

We will discuss the myth that our DNA is 99% the same as chimps when in reality there is a huge unbridgeable gap between us and other primates with no mechanism in sight that could close it. We will also discuss why the fossil record does not provide evidence for this transition from chimp to man and the fact that given the 540 million year history of life on earth, we still cannot begin to have enough time for Darwinian evolution to accomplish the changes necessary. Using the evidence discussed we will see that not only is Darwin’s mechanism found wanting but the theory of common descent is as well. Please tune in.

July 18, 2013 – The History of Evolution in the Catholic Church – Fr. Michal Chaberek, O.P.
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In this episode we continue our discussion from a few weeks ago on catechesis by looking specifically at what the Church has said about evolution and Adam and Eve in the past. We want to see if we can find what the true official teaching of the Church is on these issues. We will separate the Church’s teaching into three periods and compare recent comments from recent popes with official authoritative statements in the past. In the process we will find a consistency and a beauty in Church creation theology while separating what is defined from what can be speculated about.

July 11, 2013 – Catholic Philosophy and Intelligent Design – Allies or not? – Dr. Jay Richards
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In this episode we again put the science aside and talk about metaphysical philosophy and its potential partnership with Intelligent Design science. I am pleased that we have one of the premier experts on that topic with us as a guest for this show. Dr. Jay Richards is a Thomist philosopher and a convert to Catholicism. We will discuss why Catholic intellectuals often keep intelligent design science at arm’s length and why that should not be the case. They should be natural allies. We will discuss how even atheist philosophers are now recognizing the validity of intelligent design arguments and discuss why philosophy has become secondary to the authority of science at least to the modern mind.

June 27, 2013 – Ambiguous Catechesis on Adam and Original Sin – Fr. Anthony Mastroeni
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In this episode we discuss the all important issue of catechesis. It is well known that a historical Adam and Eve are often denied in Catholic settings. During this program we will discuss Church doctrines on creation and the problems of modern catechesis while quoting Popes and important documents. We will discuss the issue of the loss of respect for the authority of scripture among the Catholic faithful and why correcting these catechetical issues is crucial to the New Evangelization proclaimed by John Paul II.

June 20, 2013 – Can Even One Polymer Become a Protein in 13 billion Years? – Dr. Douglas Axe, Biologic Institute
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In this episode we will talk to Dr. Doug Axe about his ground breaking research into the evolution of proteins. We will find that proteins are complex and unlikely to form by chance in the history of the universe let alone during the history of life. For example, we can’t find a path to an amino acid chain that is functional or a correct folding that is needed to mate with other proteins to get work accomplished in the cell. And note that we can’t have working DNA without proteins and we can’t have proteins without DNA – a chicken and egg problem. This protein launch problem is at the heart of the search for the origin of life. It exposes the implacable problems of probability that are mounting against the plausibility of neo-Darwinian evolution.

June 13, 2013 – Intelligent Design and the Edge of Evolution – Dr. Michael Behe
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On this program we will talk to one of the fathers of Intelligent Design theory. He is Dr. Michael Behe from Lehigh University and author of the landmark book called Darwin’s Black Box. It is almost impossible to read an article on the evolution controversy without seeing Behe’s name mentioned. He coined the phrase irreducible complexity and that gave huge momentum to the movement. We will discuss what that means and define intelligent design and the state of neo-Darwinian theory and its alternatives at this point in history. You will hear that insiders admit that small step evolution does not work and that evolution is indeed “a theory in crisis”.

June 6, 2013 – Intelligent Design for Catholics – the issues
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In this first show we introduce the program and define the theory of Intelligent Design. We discuss why this is important for Catholics. We review Catholic teaching on Adam and Eve and original sin and define important terms. This show is a quick tutorial on the science of intelligent design and the issues for Catholics. We start to discuss why the Darwinian mechanism for evolution is not plausible and why its foundational tenant – unguided random processes – cannot be true.