Knightly Reflections

By Sean Flanagan Oct. 2016

The title question is not just a rhetorical opening line to get attention; it is a serious question for all Americans - particularly African Americans. Let us begin by looking at the most recent statistics: I’m informed by reliable sources that Black Americans comprise 12% of the American population, currently listed at 330 Million. Twelve percent would bring us close to 40 million people. The number of Legal Abortions performed in the United States annually is approx. 1.3 million, and 37% of all those abortions are performed are on black women. Let me repeat that: 37% of ALL... Read More

By Lawrence, a brother Knight

Like the Kennedy assassination, and the ruling on Roe v. Wade, I will always know where I was when the decision on Gay Marriage was handed down. From this day forward we will be able to refer to the America That Was, and that it was a great attempt at freedom. This is a sad and horrific day.

They have succeeded in moving the edifice of our Law off its foundation. From now on, Americans will go cap in hand to the government to ask, please sir, what are my rights? The saddest thing of all is that the law is on our side but we have not used it to explain why Same Sex Marriage is... Read More