Knightly Reflections

By Sean Flanagan

The Ralph Martin title question is hardly rhetorical – it burns to the very heart of the issue of Salvation and the urgency that should be at the heart of the admonition of Jesus to his disciples : “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, and behold I will be with you unto the consummation of the world”.

Indeed reading Ralph Martin’s book was a shocking ‘eye-opener’ for me a lay Catholic ‘busy with many things,’- like Martha, not the least of which is looking to my bond as a Catholic father and grandfather, but also trying to live the faith, and to be an Evangelist in the marketplace with all of... Read More

By Sean Flanagan

I particularly remember being at Mass with my Dad, since he went daily, he would often take me along. I clearly see his nicotine stained fore-finger. Would my hands ever be that big and gnarly with hair on the back of them? Well whenever that would happen I knew that I would really be all grown up.

Well I did grow up but my hands never got quite as gnarly as his, and the hair on the back of them is more like a fuzz and it not as black as his was. He was a farmer’s son and orphan, the youngest of three children his Mother died at his birth. When his Father passed away one year later, the 3 children... Read More