Knightly Reflections

By Sean Flanagan

Then God created man and woman. Male and Female He created them. Gen.1-27

“Sexual immorality leads to Heresy, and those who fail to see this cannot read the signs of the times.” GK Chesterton

As I re-read my chosen essay headline and thought about a more ‘politically correct’ title, the only one that I could bring to mind would be using the term “same-sex attraction.” The very word ‘homosexual’, has itself become somewhat pejorative, while the once shunned term “Queer” is now on a par with “Gay”, a term I’ve always considered a linguistic aberration.

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What was the buzz in Cana,
When the wedding plans were made
And the villagers looked forward
To those few festive days.

Mother Mary was preparing,
Hoped to be there with her son
Who was round about in Galilee,
For His mission had begun.

We do not know if Joseph went
For he was now well on in age
And we have no faded photos
To help us speculate, or gauge.

No wedding in all history
Had such a Mother/ Son as guests
His Divinity made manifest
“In Vino Veritas” - attests.

What was the buzz in Cana
In the days that followed then
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