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Please help me with prayers in the following:- 1) I have a lot debts that am failing to settle, God should forgive me as the other debts I did them deliberately. I took money which did not belong to me and am failing to give back. I have also a heavy responsibility, taking care of the family, kids, dependents and relatives. I also ask God to give me wisdom to use properly what I receive as a salary so that am able to take care of all these. 2. I ask God to give me wisdom and strength, Iam the incharge of the branch of my company. Business is not all that good as of now. I have to produce very good results for the branch. I ask God to help me. 3. My daughter Prisca is failing, she has an epileptic like disease which is making her not to attend to her school lessons. I ask God also to take away the sickness and assist her in her secondary education. 4. Pray for Prince Mwanamanga, Costance Mwanamanga and Elizabeth Nkhoma who will be sitting for their MSCE exams in June, prayers should also include all those sitting for the same. Kind regards, John Mwanamanga MALAWI
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