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Dear Saint Maximillian, Dearest Saint Therese I have an urgent request for intense prayer for my legal situation. I have to meet with the investigators this Thursday at 1:30 pm at my attorney's office. We need them to believe that there was no INTENT to do wrong for monetary gain, but a matter of being overworked, overwhelmed and sloppy documentation on my part as a nurse. Believe me I am as poor as the poorest, especially right now. Please, please pray for me. I am scared to death. I have never been in trouble for anything in my life. My future is at their mercy. If they don't believe me I could be charged and that would risk losing my career. My career means everything to me. I am a good person and am paying greatly for my mistake at a job I had 3 years ago. I believe in prayer. Hopefully this is a way that the Lord is answering my prayers by getting this situation to go away so that I can stop living in fear and move on. So instead of praying for the investigation to go away we need to pray that the investigation goes no further after meeting with me-goes away that way. No one knows what I am going through in my family. My sons would be worried sick. Thank you for being there for me to ask for support. I have no one but you and the Lord. Thank you Saint Maximillian and Saint Therese Love and peace. Amen
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