Of Course Black Lives Matter.......But Do all African Americans Agree?

By Sean Flanagan Oct. 2016

The title question is not just a rhetorical opening line to get attention; it is a serious question for all Americans - particularly African Americans. Let us begin by looking at the most recent statistics: I’m informed by reliable sources that Black Americans comprise 12% of the American population, currently listed at 330 Million. Twelve percent would bring us close to 40 million people. The number of Legal Abortions performed in the United States annually is approx. 1.3 million, and 37% of all those abortions are performed are on black women. Let me repeat that: 37% of ALL abortions are performed on one group – Black Women, who represent only 12% of our population ! It is almost akin to self-imposed Genocide.

If we are to rate diabolical human institutions we must honestly rank the ongoing Abortion Industry at the top. I would have to place slavery, dreadful as it was, in the secondary role. Many slaves died an early death as a result of the hardships of slavery, but that was not the motive of the practice. Human greed was at the heart of slavery.

This Abortion Holocaust amounts to 399,000 black infants who killed at the hands of their own mothers and their doctor each year, aided and abetted by a decayed and withered Supreme Court of The United States who with the aid of the Godless Democrat Party and Liberal Media continue to champion this Culture of Death. Couple this to the virtual silence of the Majority of Catholic Bishops who fail to speak out consistently and forcibly against this ongoing Holocaust and fail to encourage their priests and Pastors for fear of Public Opinion and their tax-exempt status - because this constructed “Right” is ‘The Law of The Land’. The Age old Symbolic “Scales of Justice” should be re-worked; at least remove the good Lady’s Blindfold.

So how can anyone dare to make the claim that black lives matter or any other lives really matter in the face of such a “Legal Holocaust”? The Supreme Court of The United States has adjudicated on the matter and decided for us all, that the ‘Rights’ of the unborn child to be born into the world, whether Black, White or Brown are predicated on the final decision of the Mother and her Doctor. Countless millions of Americans consider this a mindless travesty of justice and unspeakable tragedy for our Nation and our communities. Yet the Democrat Party with many millions of Americans supporting them consider the right to Abortion in the face of The Natural Law – and in the face of the sacred Tenets of our Catholic Christian Faith and all of the obvious injustice of this contrived “Human Right.”

Why is there no outrage ? I will tell you why – Government leadership aided by a Tenured and Liberally biased SCOTUS want it that way, and because as already stated, millions of Americans also want it that way. This ‘Right’ to abortion 43 years after the promulgation of the wrong-headed Roe/Wade decision of our Supreme Court has taken to date the lives of over 60 million children. It is also true and tragic that millions of Americans agree with this decision, despite that no such right exists under Natural Law or under God’s Law. All human life once created is sacrosanct from the moment of conception to natural death. No such human “right” to destroy this life has ever or should ever exist.

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that virtually all of The Planned Parenthood Abortion-Mills, are invariably located in the poorer districts of our towns and cities. Why - someone might care to ask, is this so? Simply because - that’s where most of their ‘Business Income’ is generated - and a huge Business it is.

Sadly Black Lives seem to matter a lot when it comes to our Governments role as surrogate parent in granting “single Motherhood” special status – almost akin to a badge of honor!

The watershed moment of course in all of this was of course the SCOTUS ruling in 1973 in the now infamous Roe/Wade decision (5/4) permitting Abortion-on-demand at any moment of the 9 months of gestation for a woman and her doctor to terminate the life of the yet unborn child. This was later amended to include the termination of the child during the moment of birth - as the living child emerged from the womb, but not after birth. Referred to as “Partial-birth-Abortion” a fiction created to separate it from the crime of infanticide.

“Qui Tacit Consentire”- to be silent is to consent. This ancient Latin Dictum is, most sadly a huge part of the answer. The Catholic Church leadership (USCCB) with many wonderful exceptions has ‘effectively’ been a ‘modifier’ on the issue of Abortion because of its weak voice on the issue. There are multiple attendant questions fostered by this “culture of death.” Sexual anarchy abounds in a climate of Moral relativism as many Catholic Christian people have abandoned the age old expectation that the sexual act is reserved until a man and woman the Sacred commitment of Marriage.

The Right to Life is a BEDROCK issue for Catholics. Church leadership should express continual outrage at this spurious “Law of the Land” that fosters ‘slaughter of the innocents’. So onward the ‘Sexual Revolution’ aka “Sexual Anarchy.’ Divorce, Homosexuality, Gender confusion, Pornography all following in its wake - now in-spades, so to speak.

What does it take to awaken an indifferent or perhaps a comatose populace? History is replete with the answer. I will not say more.

Sean T. Flanagan
Oct. 2016